“My favourite thing about Vertigirls trips is they are full of fun laughter and team spirit. I love the support I get both mentally and physically from everyone and that’s it’s affordable too!”

“Joining Vertigirls two years ago has transformed my experience of climbing. Up till this point I had only climbed on an indoor wall, but my first Vertigirls trip took me out onto the rock with a group who were so accepting and supportive, they instantly felt like family.”

“My confidence and technique have come on in leaps and bounds, and these perfect learning conditions have been provided by visiting tutors, other members, and expert in-house support in the shape of Christine, who is herself a qualified climbing instructor. She is totally professional and fiercely vigilant in creating a safe, inclusive and unconditionally loving space in which everyone can learn and flourish, whatever their starting point.”

“This trip reinforced my sense of well-being and resilience for life in general: endurance,  patience, tolerance, sharing and mutual support. When my future seems uncertain,  these qualities prevail. So climbing both  grounds and elevates me!”

“Vertigirls – what a wonderful, welcoming and accepting group you are! I expected it to take a bit of work from me before I felt part of the group but no… You made me feel like an old friend in the first session. You are just the people I needed in my life right now. :-)”

“I have been in Vertigirls since the very beginning and I can honestly say it has changed my life. They lift me when I am at my lowest, calms me when I am manic and supports and encourages me when I am shaking and wobbling. They have taken me to places I never dreamed I would see and where the beauty just knocks me over and I am a better and more humane being for my involvement in this club. I love you Vertigirls!”

“It took me two years to get up the courage to join Vertigirls, and I joined a mixed group before that. It took so long because of fear and mistrust of women. The mixed group was okay but I didn’t really feel like I belonged. When I joined Vertigirls, you were immediately supportive and accepting and made me feel at ease, the latter being something I didn’t feel in the mixed group. I wasn’t holding out much hope for this kind of support but it was there and I am truly grateful. Thank you, Vertigirls.”